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Semi Dump Trailer for Sale

Semi Trailer

Semi Dump Trailer for Sale

How to Choose Shipping Container Semi Trailers

On-road or construction size, we often can find Semi Dump Trailer working effectively. The reason why people develop this type of semi-trailer? Semi Dump Trailer refers to a transport vehicle that relies on its own power to drive the hydraulic lifting device so that the cargo box has the function of automatically dumping cargo and resetting. It is also called Tipper, which mainly transports sand, stone, coal, soil, garbage, bulk goods that are bulky and can be piled up in building materials, food and agricultural products. The bucket of the trailer requires a thicker steel plate, because the goods are often hard materials, and the steel plate can prevent the cargo from damaging the trailer.

Semi Dump Trailer for Sale For Sale

According to the purpose, the cargo boxes can be divided into ordinary cargo boxes, U-shaped boxes, mining buckets, and separate rear door and multi-door cargo boxes. Ordinary rectangular containers are generally assembled by steel plate welding. The thickness of the plate is generally 4 to 6 mm for the front plate, 4 to 8 mm for the side plates, 5 to 8 mm for the rear plate, and 6 to 12 mm for the bottom plate. Usually, Semi Dump Trailer is used in conjunction with construction machineries such as loaders and excavators, and are suitable for short-distance transportation. The biggest advantage of the Semi Dump Trailer is that the unloading mechanization is realized, the unloading efficiency is greatly improved, the labor is saved, and the transportation cost is reduced. According to the classification of the cylinders in the whole vehicle, the Semi Dump Trailer can be divided into front-mounted, medium-mounted and rear-mounted. Classified by unloading method, generally, it can be divided into side dump semi trailer type, semi end dump trailers type. End dumping is the most widely used. The side dump type is suitable for road maintenance, where the vehicle is difficult to turn around or needs to be changed with the direction of unloading. The hydraulic system and the lifting device is the core component of a Semi Dump Trailer. They are important indicators for determining quality and performance.