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Ultraton has container transport semi trailers for sale, it depends on the customer's requirements for the size and configuration of the tonnage to sign the specific contract price.Ultraton container semi trailer refers to a special transport vehicle with a special structure. A-frame platform and a rotating clamping device are installed on the cargo platform to transport containers. It can realize the mechanization and standardization of loading and unloading in transportation.

Types of Ultraton Semi Container Trailer

Container Semi Trailer for Sale

How to choose a Container Semi Trailer? 

According to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into Flatbed Semi Trailer and Skeletal Semi Trailer. The former has a bottom plate (cargo platform) and can also be used to transport ordinary goods. The latter has no bottom plate and can only be used for transporting containers.

Current standard containers are available in standard sizes of 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, and 48 ft (The world's uniform ISO standard). Most of the container semi trailers currently in use are standardized general-purpose products, such as 20, 40, 45, 48-foot fixed-length skeleton container semi-trailers.

Ultraton has rich experience and skilled technique. The frame of the fixed-length container semi-trailer is a space frame welded structure, which is formed by welding two I-shaped longitudinal beams and a plurality of beams (C-shaped channel steel). The front part of the front frame is connected with the semi-trailer Kingpin and Fifth wheel. The container is directly placed on the semi-trailer frame, and the container is fixed and locked with a twist lock device equipped on the beam end. 

Utraton is a professional trailer manufacturing and parts processing company integrating production, technology development and sales. If you want to buy Container Semi Trailer, Ultraton is your best choice! 

Why Ultraton Container Semi-Trailer?

Our container semi-trailer has a reasonable structure, reliable performance, sophisticated technology, and the full potential of the vehicle. It is specially used for the transportation of various containers and can be used repeatedly for a long time with sufficient strength. Ultraton has different types of container carrier trucks for sale, which can meet the customer's requirements for the size and configuration of the tonnage to sign the specific contract price.