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40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer

Semi Trailer

40m³ Semi Tanker Trailer

Embracing the Future: A 20ft Semi Trailer Powered By Hydrogen

Ultron's 40m³ Tank Semi Trailer with bigger effective volume and different numbers of compartments can meet your different need to transport fuel. It can be modified according to customer's requirement.

  • Overview
  • Advantage
  • Application
  • Other notes

Overview of 40m³ Semi Tanker Trailer

  • Scientific design with advanced computer-aided design software, finite element analysis of the frame according to vehicle load quality requirements.

  • Thickness of top plate, side plate and bottom plate of tank barrel could be customized.

  • Applicable tank barrel material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, glass reinforced plastic etc.

  • Optional for one or more compartments.

  • All tank fittings are strictly selected domestic famous brand for filling and unloading system and safety protection system.

  • Superior quality and famous brand we use on specific different trailer parts. Details are outlined as below.

  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer
  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer
  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer
  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer

Advantage of 40m³ Semi Tanker Trailer

  1. Different shape and material of tank is optional for solution

  2. All design is strictly in comply with safety technical condition

  3. Efficient packing solution is available

  4. Trailer parts as core components are of superior quality and complete service

  5. Complete and flexible service from our professional team

  6. Mature technology and unique resource ensure competitive cost

  7. Ultraton's long term tenet to be your reliable partner bringing you Greater value makes you worry free on after sales service


Technical Parameter40m³Tanker  Semi Trailer
Tank ProfileElliptical, Straight, Maximum profile design that maximizes volumetric capacity whilst achieving a low centre of gravity.
Design Code/TestingAccording to china standard,refer to ADR Standard.
Hydrostatic test to 5 psi (35 Kpa) on each compartment
Capacity40000L plus maximum 5% Ullage.
Main BeamCarbon stee Extrusion , full-length main frame.
Roll Over CoamingCarbon steel Extrusion in inverted “U” section, for roll over protection.
At least 30mm above any fittings on the top of the barrel,  3/8” degassing plug at the front-top & rear-bottom.
Manhole Cover Domestic manhole cover, with relief valve(top inlet for oil), Pressure Vacuum Vent, overfill hole and vapour transfer vent hole ( *5)
Pressure Vacuum VentDomestic, roll-over type incorporates with manhole cover (*5)
Vapour VentDomestic, sequential pneumatic control air vent (*5)
Vapour Recovery Hose3” hose, connected with vepour vent to the left side coaming rail, Stainless steel hose clips as need.
Vapour Recovery Piping4” Carbon steel pipe from rear right side roll over coaming to rear of the barrel, outside of the barrel, connected with vapour recovery adaptor.
Vapour Recovery AdaptorDomestic with pneumatic vapour interlock valve and dust cap, install at rear right side of the barrel. (*1)
Vapour Dump VentDomestic, air operated, dump vent close when the vapour adaptor is activated, installed at the rear right inner side of roll over coaming, vented to atmosphere. (*1)
Emergency Valvepneumatic controlled emergency valve at all compartments, flange coupling to discharge pipe (*5)
Discharge Piping4” Carbon steel discharge pipe to the right side of trailer with minimum number of bends. Piping to be hydro-statically tested. The piping slope toward front at angle of 2-3 degrees.
Loading & Discharge ValveDN 80 du type FIDLOCK  aptor c/w flange type sight glass & dust cap on the right side at centre of tanker. The offset distance from centre to centre of API is 300mm. (*5)
Overfill PreventionCivacon 5 wire optic probe installed to manhole cover, 1 piece Civacon 10 pin, 3J slot plug socket installed above the discharge control cabinet.  (*5)
Probe need to be set at minimum 25mm above top full ullage marker in each compartment.
Landing GearStandard 28Ton , FUWA Brand
AxleStandard FUWA Brand / ULTRATON Brand
Optional : BPW Brand or HuaJing Brand
SuspensionMechanical Suspension/Air Suspension,Standard FUWA Brand/ULTRATON Brand
Optional : BPW Brand or HuaJing Brand
Tire12.00R22.5 Tubeless
Shot Blasting & PaintingShot Blasting and Sanding Treatment . Two Coat Of Anti Corrosion Primer and
Two Coat Of Finish Painting
Tool Box1 Standard (The Tool Box Size Can Be Tailored To Suit Your Needs)
We Can Build The Trailer According To Customer’s Design And Requirement.

Application of 40m³ Semi Tanker Trailer

Ultraton's 40mTank Semi Trailer could be used to transport different oils dispensed separately or in separate positions.

  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer
  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer
  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer
  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer
  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer
  • 40m³  Semi Tanker Trailer

Other notes of 40m³ Semi Tanker Trailer

Pre-sales Services

  • Communicating with customers, analyze their needs.

  • Providing professional technical solutions with drawing.

  • Offering customer quote in FOB or CFR etc .

Payment: 50% TT advance before production, 50%TT before shipment is preferred


We are long term partner with many famous shipping lines and forwarders i.e. COSCO, ONE, PIL, MSC, CMA, etc. We arrange 

  • Provide best feasible and effective packing way and timely manner.

  • Arrange shipping space booking, customs clearance, etc. 

  • Make an appointment for product inspection if required.

  • Prepare necessary documents for customs clearance.

  • Track delivery status until you receive the cargo.

Shipping: Sea/ Railway/ Road transportation subject to your location

Packing: CBU or SKD in seaworthy Export Standard

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