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Semi Side Dump Trailers

Semi Side Dump Trailer Overview

Semi Side Dump Trailer is suitable for a case where the vehicle is difficult to turn around or needs to be changed with the direction of unloading. According to different needs, the cargo box could be regular rectangle shape, U shape, multiple doors type, etc..

According to the different tonnages of the load, there are generally 110, 125, 130, 150 and other diameters. Generally, if the standard load does not exceed 60 tons then use type 110 with 5+1 (5 Lifting cylinder, a shifting cylinder) or 4+1 of 130; heavy-duty 80-120 tons generally use 6+1 or 7+1 tons of 150 cylinders. The displacement cylinder is generally a 160 or 180 cylinder.

Unlike Semi End Dump Trailer, Semi Side Dump Trailer is suitable for cargo with a small rest angle. However, Semi Side Dump Trailer can load more than Semi End Dump Trailer.

How to Choose a Semi Side Dump Trailer

What should we pay attention to when choosing a Semi Side Dump Trailer? Generally, the height of the panel of the Semi Side Dump Trailer does not exceed 0.6 meters. The hydraulic cylinder is an important part of the Semi Side Dump Trailer.

The hydraulic cylinder bracket carries a large part of the weight of the cargo when it is lifted, and the firmness of the bracket is important. The shaft of the joint between the hydraulic cylinder and the sub-frame should be well protected, otherwise, it will be easy to bend. In addition, the diagonal reinforcement is important, and the more the support points, the higher the reliability. The diagonal bracing, when rolling over, the majority of the weight of the cargo is supported by the diagonal braces. Once the bracing is problematic, it is easy to cause a rollover accident, so the reinforcement of the diagonal braces is very important. Generally, the 13-meter rollover dump truck has 5 pivot points.

The girders are very important for a semi-trailer, and the main I beam for Semi Side Dump Trailer is generally larger than the main I beam of vans type semi trailer of the same weight. The reason is that when Semi Side Dump Trailer is turned sideways, the main I beam is unevenly stressed, and the longitudinal beams on one side of the main I beam are stressed, and the requirements for the main I beam are higher than those of ordinary semi trailer.