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Semi End Dump Trailer

What is Semi End Dump Trailer

Semi End dump Trailer is the most widely used in heavy-duty Semi Dump Trailer. The cylinder is usually a front-mounted direct push type. The hydraulic cylinder directly lifts the cargo box and dumps it. The stability of the whole vehicle is good and the pressure of the hydraulic system is relatively small. Therefore, the tonnage can be lifted up, the reliability is high, and the service life is long.

If you need to transport sand, stone, coal, soil, garbage, bulk goods that are bulky in a short distance, Semi End Dump Trailer could be an ideal choice. In practical applications, in order to meet the needs of users, there are 9-meter container flat-panel Semi End Dump Trailer, 8-meter flat-panel Semi End Dump Trailer, 7.7-meter flat-panel Semi End Dump Trailer, Skeleton Semi End Dump Trailer, etc. coming up on the market.

How to Operate a Semi End Dump Trailer Properly

In order to prevent the lifting process from overturning, the design reduces the center of gravity to 1.3-1.4 meters, which increases stability during transportation and reduces damage to tires, leaf springs, and frames. The frame is made of a durable 16-manganese plate, which greatly increases the load-bearing strength. The rear panel of the compartment is locked with mechanical means. During unloading, the locking hook and the rear panel are opened automatically to avoid blocking during unloading, prevent the rear panel from being hit and reduce the damage to the vehicle.

The three-axle balanced design is equipped with a mass balance block between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the disturbance of the front and rear leaf springs to equalize the force of the front and rear axles. The Semi End Dump Trailer is suitable for cargo with a large rest angle.

It is important to note that the Semi End Dump Trailer cannot be more than 12m long. Any truck longer than that may be dangerous.