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Warranty Policy

Semi Trailer

Warranty Policy

Ultraton's warranty policy

Under a normal condition of use, we offer the following warranty policy:

Item NameWarrantyItem NameWarranty
Main FrameFrame6 MonthsRunning GearAxles6 Months
Suspension6 MonthsAxle Bearing3 Months
Kingpin1 YearWheel Hub3 Months
Balance Arm3 MonthsTires6 Months
Item NameWarrantyItem NameWarranty
Braking SystemBrake Drum3 MonthsSupport DeviceLanding Gear6 Months
Brake Chamber3 MonthsSpare Wheel Carrier6 Months
Air Reservoir6 Months
OthersItem NameWarranty
Leaf Spring3 Months
Brake Chamber Diaphragm3 Months
Emergency Relay Valve3 Months
Brake Shoe3 Months
Relay Valve3 Months

Excluded wearing parts