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How to Choose Shipping Container Semi Trailers

The tire is a round ring shape elastic rubber product that works in a variety of vehicles or machinery rolling on the ground. Usually mounted on metal wheel rims, it can support the body, cushion the external impact, achieve contact with the road and ensure the vehicle performance. Tires are often used under complex and harsh conditions. They bear various deformation, load, force and high and low temperature when driving, so they must have a higher bearing capacity, traction capacity and buffer capacity. At the same time, it also requires high wear resistance and flexural resistance, as well as low rolling resistance and thermogenesis. 

Tyre/Tire For Sale

Half of the world's rubber consumption is in tire production. Tire is one of the most important components in a vehicle, and its functions are mainly: Support the total weight of the vehicle, bear the load of the vehicle, and transfer forces and torques in other directions; Transmission of traction and braking torque, ensure that the wheels and road between the good adhesion, to improve the vehicle's power, braking and through; Together with the automobile suspension, it mitigates the impact suffered by the automobile when driving and attenuates the vibration generated by it; Prevent severe vibration and early damage of auto parts, adapt to the high-speed performance of vehicles and reduce the noise when driving, ensure the safety, handling stability, comfort and energy-saving economy of driving. Automobile tires can be divided into pneumatic tires and solid tires according to the different tire body structure. Most modern vehicles use pneumatic tires. According to the air pressure in the tire, the pneumatic tire can be divided into three types: high-pressure tire, low-pressure tire and ultra-low pressure tire. Low-pressure tires are widely used in all kinds of vehicles. According to the composition and structure of inflatable tires, they are divided into inner tube tires and tubeless tires. Tubeless tires are widely used. According to the different arrangement of tire inner curtain layer and buffer layer, the tire can be divided into radial tire and oblique tire. Radial tires are commonly used in automobiles. Tires are marked on the side. Truck and bus tires are typical tires with a rim diameter of 18 to 24 inches and section width of 7 inches or more for trucks, dump trucks, various specialty and trailer tires. It's driving surface is relatively complex, including good asphalt road, poor gravel road, dirt road, muddy road, snow road, and even no road conditions, and the driving speed is generally no more than 80km/h.