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The traction pin mounting plate takes into account more road conditions and is flexible and stable. The girder has the advantages of load-bearing, earthquake resistance, and anti-jump box. Considering the stability of the skeleton, the butterfly-shaped stress relief hole was added to the design.

Ultraton, a professional skeletal trailer manufacturer, has 40ft skeleton semi trailer and 20ft skeletal trailer for sale, with perfect design and strong materials. Welcome to contact.

Skeletal Semi Trailer

What Is a Skeletal Container Semi Trailer?

Skeletal Semi Trailer has no bottom plate and can only be used for transporting containers. As the trend and demand for simpler and lighter weight design, skeleton truck trailer is becoming the most common and popular in container semi-trailer widely used in most countries in the world.

According to the frame longitudinal beam structure, skeletal container semi trailer can also be divided into gooseneck type, straight type, concave type. The frame of the fixed-length container semi-trailer is a space frame welded structure, which is formed by welding two I-shaped longitudinal beams and a plurality of beams (C-shaped channel steel). The front part of the front frame is connected with the semi-trailer Kingpin and Fifth wheel.

Why Choose Ultraton As Your Skeletal Trailer Manufacturer

The container is directly placed on the semi-trailer frame, and the container is fixed and locked with a twist lock device equipped on the beam end.

Ultraton series skeletal container semi trailer has 2-axle 20ft skeleton semi trailer, 3-axle 20ft skeleton semi trailer, 2-axle 40ft skeleton semi trailer, 3-axle 40ft skeleton trailer for sale. Customized service for sliding skeletal trailer is also welcomed.

I-shaped longitudinal beam is welded by submerged arc welding machine by the superior quality of low alloy carbon steel with good mechanical properties on yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, curving ratio, impact energy, etc. Our technical staff, who are responsible for welding, often participate in training to improve their skills better. The whole body of the chassis frame of Ultraton skeleton semi trailer is processed by a shot blasting machine to eliminate welding stress and ensure long-lasting rust-proof. The pre-assembly and welding are finished on a specific assemble platform to ensure the precise measurement and durable structure.

Advantages of Using A Skeleton Semi Trailer


Easy access to the container: The lack of sides and roof on the skeleton semi trailer allows for easy access to the container. This makes it quicker and easier to load and unload the container, reducing the time spent at loading docks.


Flexibility in container size: The skeleton semi trailer can carry containers of varying sizes, allowing for greater flexibility in transportation. This means that it can be used for both small and large container shipments.


Cost-effective: Using a skeleton semi trailer is a cost-effective option for transporting shipping containers. It eliminates the need for expensive containers or chassis, as the trailer can be used with any standard shipping container.