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The crossbeam is stamped into a groove shape using high-quality steel plates, and the front and rear beams are welded rectangular sections.

The terminal semi trailer is made with precision, and the middle part of the container locking device is provided with an integral long beam to improve the carrying capacity of the container locking device.

We Ultraton offer terminal semi trailer for sale and there are diversified choices of products that can meet the individual needs of customers.

Container Terminal Semi Trailer

Container Terminal Semi Trailer Overview

Skeleton Semi Trailer has no bottom plate and can only be used for transporting containers. Container Terminal Semi Trailer is one kind which is specifically worked in terminal port for load and lifting containers precisely and quickly by welded the guide block, bottom block and indicated bar.

Ultraton has shipping container delivery trailer for sale. The frame of the fixed-length shipping container semi trailer is a space frame welded structure, which is formed by welding two I-shaped longitudinal beams and a plurality of beams (C-shaped channel steel). The container is directly placed on the semi-trailer frame, and the container is fixed by the blocks.

Container Terminal Semi Turck Trailer is specially designed for shuttling between shore crane and container stacking with special features that facilitate easy container loading and maximize the productivity of the terminal operation. The most common sizes are 40' and 45'. They are available with a payload of up to 80 tons. 20', 30' or other special sizes are available upon request.

Ultraton Container Terminal Semi Trailer

Our factory locates at Nansha, the center of the region, which is only 30 minutes' drive from the 5th biggest port in the world, the Guangzhou port, and 45 minutes' drive from the biggest axle manufacturer in the world. Besides, we are a long term partner with many famous shipping lines and forwarders i.e. COSCO, ONE, PIL, MSC, CMA, etc. With our distinct advantage on specialized resources, knowledge and experience, we can fulfill every project at your best cost and efficiency.

We always attach great importance to the quality and functionality of our shipping container delivery semi trailer products, and we also pay great attention to the services and support provided to our customers. Our core competitiveness is to bring long-term growth and benefits to our customers, to achieve high-quality resource sharing and mutual benefit.