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Besides Semi-trailers, why does Ultraton also develop its own trailer parts? The basic components of a common Semi-Trailer include suspensions, axles, wheels, and traction devices and support devices. They are important for a semi-trailer to ensure each type of semi-trailer performs perfectly on this own function. For example, trailers need a coupling device for transmitting horizontal or vertical force to the Semi Trailer, and traction with the tractor’s towing. The front part needs a support device ( landing gear) that suspends when the Semi-Trailer is running smoothly when parking. Semi Trailer has no power and can be driven by the Semi-Trailer tractor. So we can see, if, without trailer chassis part, a whole Semi Trailer cannot work itself only with a steel structural chassis frame. On this point, Ultraton attaches much importance to choosing each trailer chassis part. 

  • KingPin

    Ultraton King Pin Series is an integrated type or 2 parts connected with bolts for a strong connection of semi-trailer and fifth wheel.

  • Fifth Wheel
    Fifth Wheel

    Ultraton Fifth Wheel Series is an important connection part working with Ultraton king pin with vertical load 20T and 28T.

  • Landing Gear
    Landing Gear

    Ultraton landing gear series is a most widely used device with capacity 28T per pair used to support the front load of the Semi-Trailer and lift the height of the front of the Semi-Trailer through the hand-driven mechanism so as to facilitate the connection and suspension of the tractor.

  • Suspension

    Ultraton Suspension series included Air Suspension Series, Bogie Suspension Series, Mechanical Suspension Series. The suspension system is the elastic force transfer device between the frame and the axle, which plays the role of power transfer on the trailer, and can buffer the direct impact from the uneven road surface to the frame or body, and attenuate the vibration caused by it, so as to ensure the trailer to run smoothly

  • Axles

    Ultraton Trailer axle series include American type Inboard series, American type Outboard series, Disc Brake axle series, German type axle series, Low Bed axle series, Spoke wheel axle series and Without Brake System axle series, which can satisfy your different need. Specifications can be modified according to the customer's requirement.

ULTRATON Trailer Patrs Series

While on the market, there are many trailer parts of a different brand, different prices, different quality. Sometimes users cannot identify which is the most appropriate to their vehicle for best performance and cost consideration. One of the characters of Industrial products is its focus on functionality, help customers add value. With the tenet “ We serve with care to be your reliable partner bringing you greater value.” in mind, and with our rich experience and distinct advantage on resource, we design and supervise manufacture of Ultraton Series King Pin, Fifth Wheel, Landing Gear, Suspension and axle as a strong support, not only to strengthen technical innovation, service value-added, expert consultant sales, but also to establish clear, distinct image features and values from other competitors. For strategic customers, Ultraton is able to provide customized and personalized mode, establish a partnership with customers, jointly develop new products and new application markets, and share resources of the enterprise.