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The Semi Trailer is an advanced transportation tool developed on the basis of the trailer. It is towed by a semi-trailer tractor.

A significant portion of the maximum total weight of the trailer is carried by tractor. The Semi Trailer vehicle consisting of Semi Trailer and semi-trailer tractor is especially suitable for long-distance and high-grade road transport and has become the most important transportation vehicle in road transport. Especially when it comes to carrying large, long and heavy goods for other types of vehicles, Semi trailer has a unique advantage. According to the skeleton structure, the number of axles, the form of the bearing platform, etc., there are different types of semi trailers for sale such as contanier semi trailer, semi dump trailer, etc. We Ultraton has a wealth of design and production experience to provide you with the most suitable transport solution, and offer related semi trailer products, such as semi trailer bogie for sale.

Different Types of Semi Trailers

Semi Trailer

Standard Semi Trailer Size

Standard Semi Trailer Size

Standard Semi Trailer Detail

ModelSizePackaging/Mode of transport
20FT skeleton semi trailer7580X2480X1480mmcontainer
40FT skeleton semi trailer12400X2480X1500mmcontainer
Container Terminal Semi Trailer12400X2480X1500mmcontainer
45FT skeleton semi trailer13500X2500X1500mmcontainer
40FT flatbed semi trailer13500X2500X1500mm/13500X2500X2700mmcontainer
Semi Side Dump Trailer13500X2500X2700mmRo-ro ship
Semi End Dump Trailer8000X2480X3750mmcontainer
Semi Tanker Trailer20m³/40m³/45m³Ro-ro ship
Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer12460X2500X2700mm/12460X2500X4000mmcontainer
Side Wall Semi Trailer12460X2500X2700mmcontainer
Fence Semi Trailer12460X2500X4000mmcontainer
Low Bed Semi Trailer12000X2480X2960mmRo-ro ship

Semi Trailers Vs Full Trailers

The full trailer is a type of trailer that has front and rear axles. It is fixed to the tractor unit, which means a full trailer cannot be separated. A drawbar for pulling or towing is also often seen on a full trailer. The semi trailer, however, is different from a full trailer in that it doesn’t have a front axle. People say that a semi trailer is the union of a truck and a trailer. It can be easily and flexibly detached from the truck.

Why semi trailers dominate on the roads now?The most prominent strength of semi trailer lies in its flexibility. A semi trailer can be easily connected and detached. If the tractor goes wrong, a semi trailer is able to coupled to another s tractor, which will ensure on-time delivering of the loads or goods. The turning circle of semi trailer is smaller than a full trailer. Besides, semi trailer has longer cargo bed than full trailers, so the former is able to load more goods.

The bad news is a semi trailer is more likely to tip over because the center of gravity of it is higher than the full trailer. And people tend to cost more to maintain the semi trailer.

Tips For Purchasing a Semi Trailer

Are you looking for a semi trailer for your truck? Then you should take plenty of things into consideration. The very first thing, the semi trailer bought needs to be compatible with the truck that it is going to work with. Cost is another important element. You are expected to know that the cheapest semi trailer may not give you what you want. Therefore, looking into the reliable price range of the type of semi trailer you are looking for is also necessary. The following tips may also help you to buy a right semi trailer:

  • Ask more questions to get more information from the seller. A reliable seller will be glad to answer any question you put forward, so don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions. List everything you want to know before you go to a seller.

  • Inspect the trailer seriously and completely. You are supposed to take time to check the semi trailer closely. Turn to a professional mechanic for help, and he knows what part of the trailer should be inspected.

  • The price of the trailer isn’t the only thing you should look at. Think about the cost of owning a semi trailer as time goes by. Issues such as trailer maintenance and repair, components replacement and used semi-trailer for sale are things you need to consider.

Safety Considerations for Operating A Heavy-duty Semi-trailer


The three most important pieces of information about the safety considerations for operating a heavy-duty semi-trailer are:

Maintaining proper weight distribution is important for safe operation.

Drivers should be properly trained and licensed to operate heavy-duty vehicles.

Regular inspection of the trailer is necessary to identify defects or wear and tear.

What are the Different Types of Semi-Trailers?


Semi-trailers are an integral part of the transportation industry. They come in various types, each designed to handle different cargo types and serve specific purposes. Here are some of the different types of semi-trailers:

1. Flatbed Semi-Trailers

Flatbed semi-trailers are a common type of semi-trailer with a flat, open-top deck. They are used to haul heavy and oversized cargo that cannot fit inside an enclosed trailer. The deck is usually made of wood, steel, or aluminum and can be customized to suit different cargo types.

2. Refrigerated Semi-Trailers

Refrigerated semi-trailers, also known as reefer trailers, are designed to transport perishable goods at a specific temperature. They have a built-in refrigeration unit that keeps the cargo at a constant temperature, protecting it from spoiling or damage. These trailers are commonly used to transport food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive goods.

3. Dry Van Semi-Trailers

Dry van semi-trailers are enclosed trailers that protect cargo from the elements. They are versatile and can be used to transport various goods, such as electronics, furniture, and clothing. These trailers are commonly used in the retail industry to transport goods from distribution centers to retail stores.

4. Lowboy Semi-Trailers

Lowboy semi-trailers, also known as low bed trailers, are designed to transport oversized and overweight cargo that cannot be carried by standard semi-trailers. They have a low ground clearance and a drop deck, making it easier to load and unload heavy equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, and excavators.

5. Tanker Semi-Trailers

Tanker semi-trailers are designed to transport liquids and gases, such as oil, gasoline, and chemicals. They have a cylindrical tank mounted on a chassis, which is usually made of steel or aluminum. Tanker semi-trailers are commonly used in the oil and gas industry and chemical industry.