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Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer

The Semi Trailer is an advanced transportation tool developed on the basis of the trailer. It is towed by a semi-trailer tractor.

A significant portion of the maximum total weight of the trailer is carried by tractor. The Semi Trailer vehicle consisting of Semi Trailer and semi-trailer tractor is especially suitable for long-distance and high-grade road transport and has become the most important transportation vehicle in road transport. Especially when it comes to carrying large, long and heavy goods for other types of vehicles, Semi trailer has a unique advantage. According to the skeleton structure, the number of axles, the form of the bearing platform, etc., there are different types of semi trailers such as contanier semi trailer, semi dump trailer, etc. We Ultraton has a wealth of design and production experience to provide you with the most suitable transport solution.

  • Container Semi Trailer for Sale

    Why Ultraton Container Semi-Trailer? 

    Our container semi-trailer has a reasonable structure, reliable performance, sophisticated technology, and the full potential of the vehicle.

    It is specially used for the transportation of various containers and can be used repeatedly for a long time with sufficient strength.

    Ultraton has container transport semi trailers for sale, it depends on the customer's requirements for the size and configuration of the tonnage to sign the specific contract price.

  • Semi Dump Trailer for Sale

    On-road or construction size, we often can find Semi Dump Trailer working effectively. The reason why people develop this type of semi-trailer? Semi Dump Trailer refers to a transport vehicle that relies on its own power to drive the hydraulic lifting device so that the cargo box has the function of automatically dumping cargo and resetting. It is also called Tipper, which mainly transports sand, stone, coal, soil, garbage, bulk goods that are bulky and can be piled up in building materials, food and agricultural products. The bucket of the trailer requires a thicker steel plate, because the goods are often hard materials, and the steel plate can prevent the cargo from damaging the trailer.

  • Semi Tanker Trailer for Sale

    Ultraton is also capable to research and develop a long vehicle for fuel. We can supply 20m³Tanker Semi Trailer, 40m³Tanker Semi Trailer, 45m³Tanker Semi Trailer. Tank Semi Trailer is one of the most commonly used modes to transport fuel including crude oil, petrol, diesel. It could be your safeguard to deliver fuel on the road! What is the structure and system to realize it? Fuel Tank Semi Trailers generally consist of a trailer chassis, a tank assembly, a feeding port cover, a filling and unloading system, a safety protection system, and an automatic insulation system (if needed). The tank assembly is mainly welded by an end cover, a wave guard baffle (separator), a feeding port, a discharge port, a top walking fence, a manhole, and an integral support seat. 

  • Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer for Sale

    In addition to being widely used in terminal ports and transport containers, semi-trailers also have a series of models suitable for transporting dry goods, bulk cargo, timber, etc. on the road. What types of Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer does Ultraton have? With these years' rich manufacturing experience and feedback from customers, the main types of Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer we Ultraton produce are Fence Semi Trailer, Side Wall Semi Trailer, Low Bed Semi Trailer. They are the most commonly used on market and popular among those Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer on sale. Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer can also be customized according to customer requirements, to provide you with a specific Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer for your business. If you need to transport bag package grain, feed, vegetable, etc., Side Wall Semi Trailer could be a good choice. 

  • Trailer Chassis Parts for Sale

    Ultraton Semi Trailer Chassis Parts are lightweight and rigid, and the leaf springs will not shift laterally during use. The wear resistance block of the balance arm has a grease lubricating nozzle, which reduces the sliding friction between the steel plate and the wear resistance block of the balance arm.

    Our Trailer Chassis Parts' torque rod angle is reasonably designed, which effectively reduces tire friction and prolongs the service life of the tire during frequent bumps in the entire vehicle.