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Leaf Spring

Semi Leaf Springs Features

It is known that the semi leaf springs are composed of many pieces of steel that are elastic, uniform in width and thickness, and of different lengths. Its function is to connect the frame and the axle with the form of suspension, which is exposed between the frame and axle to bear the impact of the wheel load on the axle, reduce the body's violent vibration, and maintain the ride stability and adaptability to different road conditions.

Leaf spring is a rectangular section of the long arc spring steel. Usually, the processing technology of automotive leaf spring is blanking, straightening, drilling, winding, quenching & medium tempering,  shot blasting, assembly, precompression. In the most common semi truck leaf springs configuration, the center of the arc provides the position of the axle, while the ring formed at either end is attached to the vehicle chassis. 

For very heavy vehicles, leaf springs can be made from multiple blades stacked together, often with progressively shorter blades. Leaf springs can be used for positioning and a certain degree of damping as well as spring functions.

Flat rectangular steel plate is curved, with several pieces of stacked chassis with spring, one end is installed on the hanger with a tip, the other end is connected to the girder with a lifting lug, so that the spring can be telescopic, suitable for medium and large cargo trucks.

According to the principle test of motion mechanics, it is proved that when the motion frequency increases, the temperature of a steel piece will increase, the strength will decrease, and the stress concentration point will show strong lines and gradually expand and deepen, and the fatigue limit will be damaged. The same is true of leaf springs, except that they are more elastic and last longer than ordinary steel parts. Leaf spring fracture in addition to other reasons, the main reason is caused by poor lubrication, should cause the driver and technical management personnel to pay attention to timely lubrication of leaf spring, in order to reduce the friction dispersion stress and prevent the steel sheet surface from pulling, to reduce the invasion of dust, soil and water to prevent corrosion, and for cooling heat, prevent the decline of elastic strength.