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After-sale Service

Semi Trailer

After-sale Service

In addition to the technology, performance and quality of the product itself, we also attach great importance to the service to our customers. Service is the basic guarantee for industrial products, ensuring that the value of the product is further enhanced. Continuous improvement of service system and quality is the company's greatest competitiveness. In addition to pre-sales and in-sale services, after-sales service is our commitment to our customers.

Foshan Ultraton Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company in manufacturing and supplying full range solution of semi trailer and trailer parts. All products are designed, produced and inspected in strict accordance with the standard requirements.

  • A comprehensive warranty policy guarantees products to help customers achieve added value. If customers have quality problems within the scope of the warranty, our company is responsible for repairing and replacing according to specific problems and situations. Except for product quality issues caused by improper use or abnormal use by users.

  • Regular return visits, providing professional advice and personalized services for problems encountered during user use. For products that exceed the service period, if the product fails to function properly or does not meet the performance requirements and needs to be repaired and maintained, our company will perform paid service according to the specific problems and conditions.

  • When repairing and replacing parts, try to use the accessories approved by Ultraton, otherwise, the consequences will not be within the scope of the company's product liability.

  • Focus on market dynamics and trends, product upgrades and updates, and develop a visual strategy with customers