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Side Wall Semi Trailer

Side Wall Semi Trailer VS Fence Semi Trailer

When it comes to Side Wall Semi Trailer and Fence Semi Trailer, it is not easy to differentiate them from each other. They are also modified based on Flatbed type by adding stakes or boards based on measurements and character of the cargo. They are also similar to Van on looking but not real Van. The stake and board used on Side Wall Semi Trailer could be shorter than that of Fence Semi Trailer to even save material and tare weight. So what is the advantage of the Side Wall Semi Trailer and Fence Semi Trailer? How to choose one?

Side Wall Semi Trailer is also one of the most popular and common way to transport dry goods, bulk cargo etc., especially bag package grain, feed, vegetable on the road. It mainly depends on your transportation need.

Why Choose Ultraton

We Ultraton can produce all types and sizes of Side Wall Semi Trailer according to your need on business, including 3 axles 40T Side Wall Semi Trailer, 3 axles 50T Side Wall Semi Trailer, 3 axles 60T Side Wall Semi Trailer, or on your own design. From its structure, we can understand convenience to collect various types of shape steel and skill of welding is important to quality of Side Wall Semi Trailer.

Ultraton's factory site locates at the center of strategic Greater Bay Area in Southern China. Beneficial from our distinct geographic advantage, our factory is only minutes' drive away from world class steel & iron market. Our technical staff, who are responsible for welding, often participate in training to improve skills better. Our modernized standard production equipment ensures durable strength and perfect appearance.