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Wheel rim

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Tire Wheel Rim is a metal part that is within the tire profile to support the barrel of the tire, with the center-mounted on the shaft. It is also called wheels, wheel hub, treads, tire bell. Usually, wheel rim could be differentiated by its diameter, width, molding methods and materials. The standard production process of wheel rim could be as below: blanking , round, full circle, double cutting, matching, manual welding, polishing, slag removal, expansion, contraction, flush valve hole, machining rim, radial plate blanking, forming, punching center hole, punching hole, reaming, machining, punching valve hole,  polishing. Final assembly includes radiating, inspection, automatic welding, pickling and phosphating, cathodic electrophoresis, baking paint, inspection.

Wheel rim For Sale

 The wheel rim on the market can be divided into a steel wheel and alloy wheel rim according to the material, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the steel wheel rim is a simple manufacturing process, relatively low cost, and the ability to resist metal fatigue is very strong, which is commonly known as cheap and strong. So it is widely used in heavy-duty vehicles. But the disadvantages of the steel wheel rim is relatively prominent is appearance, weight, large inertia resistance, poor heat dissipation, and easy to rust. Alloy wheel rim just can make up for such a problem, lighter weight, small inertia resistance, high precision, in high-speed rotation of the deformation is small, small inertia resistance is conducive to improve the straight driving performance of the vehicle, reduce the rolling resistance of the tire, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The thermal conductivity of the alloy material is about three times that of steel, and the heat dissipation is good, which can play a certain role in the braking system of vehicles, tires and braking system. However, compared with the steel wheel rim, the price of the alloy wheel rim is much more expensive.