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Fence Semi Trailer is usually modified based on Flatbed type, or Side Wall type, by adding stakes or boards based on measurements and character of the cargo.

The structure of Fence Semi Trailer is similar to Van but not Van. Due to the structural reasons, the cargo compartment with an independent closed structure has the disadvantages of large self-weight, high center of gravity and fixed cargo volume. It is more suitable for transporting goods without packaging requirements or packaging requirements. 

Fence Semi Trailer

Fence Semi Trailer Overview

That is the reason why Fence Semi Trailer is more suitable for many long-distance logistic companies and their drivers. As an enhancement, Fence Semi Trailer could be added curtain as rain shade or prevention from spilling out. Due to its more flexible loading capacity, lighter tare weight, Fence Semi Trailer could be more convenient, practical and safe.

In daily transportation, when it comes to which kind of Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer is the most feasible and popular in transport general commodity, Fence Semi Trailer must be the one. It is usually used to transport dry goods, bulk cargo etc., especially livestock, bottle beverage, and general stuff on the road, meadow, pasturing area. As the skeleton of the fence is welded by standard pipe and shape steel, we insist to use superior quality of low alloy carbon steel with good mechanical properties on yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, curving ratio, impact energy, etc..

In a business, close relationship and cooperation between users and we can significantly reduce costs, improve product and program effectiveness, and achieve the competitiveness of both. With this thinking and many years' experience, as a professional fence semi trailer company, we Ultraton can produce all types and sizes of Fence Semi Trailer according to your needs in business. Basically we develop 3 axles 40T Fence Semi Trailer, 3 axle 50T Fence Semi Trailer, 3 axle 60T Fence Semi Trailer for different needs.