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For trailer parts, they are composed of various small parts and wearing parts. What are the common wearing parts for the trailer? To a whole trailer, lamp series, brake drum, brake lining, bearing, slack adjuster, oil seal, tire stud, all rubber and nylon parts are also common wearing parts. With the tenet " We serve with care to be your reliable partner bringing you greater value." in mind, and with our rich experience and distinct advantage on resource, we supervise the quality and supply wear parts including lamp, brake lining, brake drum, nylon bushing and more as an important part of our considerate service. 

Wearing Parts

Brake is the brake system used to produce brake force block vehicle movement or movement trend. In addition to all kinds of retarding devices, automobile brakes almost all use the friction brake torque generated by the friction between the working surface of fixed components and rotating components. The brake drum is the friction couple of drum brake, in addition to the strength and stiffness required as a component, there should be as high as possible and stable friction coefficient, and appropriate wear resistance, heat resistance, heat dissipation and heat capacity. The basic shape of the brake drum is a drum, with connection holes on the mounting surface. The integral cast brake drum is made of high strength gray cast iron or Cr alloy cast iron. The brake drum is an important brake part. If the brake drum is not designed properly, it is easy to change when heated; Brake drum force imbalance, will also produce mechanical deformation, make hooves and drum contact bad, resulting in pedal force and travel increase; When the working surface of the brake drum is too large, it will cause self-locking and generate vibration and noise. Therefore, the brake drum should have sufficient wall thickness and cast circumferential or axial stiffeners near the opening on the outer surface to improve the strength. 

These stiffeners also play a role in heat dissipation, which can reduce the friction surface temperature, shorten the cooling time of the brake, and increase the energy capacity by 35%~40%. Another big wearing part is the brake lining. Brake lining is the most critical safety part in the braking system of the vehicle. All the brake effect is the brake lining plays a decisive role, so good brake lining is the guardian of people and vehicle. Brake linings are generally composed of steel plate, adhesive insulation layer and friction block. The steel plate shall be coated to prevent rust. Smt-4 furnace temperature tracker is used to detect the temperature distribution of the coating process to ensure quality. The heat insulation layer is composed of non-heat transfer materials, the purpose of heat insulation. Friction block by friction material, adhesive composition, when the brake is pressed on the brake disc or brake drum friction, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle brake deceleration. As a result of friction, friction blocks will gradually wear away. Besides these two big wearing parts, we are also able to supply different kinds of bushing for different materials like rubber bushing, bimetal bushing, copper bushing, as well as various types of lamps for visual warning purposes on the trailer.