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Exit Inspection of Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer

Exit Inspection of Semi Trailer

In order to meet the needs of customers, semi-trailers are strictly inspected, conscientiously and fully delivered to customers. Trailers can leave the factory only after passing the inspection. A product certificate is attached when leaving the factory. Safe driving is the most important thing. In order to prevent accidents in the future, the following items of trailer must be checked routinely before leaving the factory:

I. Tire Pressure

See whether there is lack of gas and debris attachment, and see whether there are deformation and cracks in the steel ring. Tyres are generally adjusted from the manufacturer to the recommended level of tyres. When the tire pressure is too high, the wear of the middle part of the tread will increase, which not only shortens the service life of the tire, but also affects the grip performance of the tire. It is not conducive to driving safety. Low tire pressure will lead to tire burst and faster wear.

II. Check the tightness of all nuts and bolts suspended

Don't bother with this detail. We should check each screw tightly one by one. In one sentence, there is no trivial matter in tires. I hope you will remember.

III. Suspension System

Check the tightness of all nuts and bolts, U-bolts, which is related to wear problems.

IV. Check and ensure that the outriggers work properly

When the leg is checked, shake it up and down a few times, and check whether there are cracks in the weld.

V. Check wear and tear of moving parts

Check the boards, lock rods, touch the hinges, hooks, inserting piles, container locks and other small parts to see if there are cracks and breaks.

VI. Check all lamps and reflectors for sticking.

Check whether the electrical circuit is working properly. Get in and turn on the lights to see if the lights are broken, and check if there is a shortage of reflective signs.

Foshan Ultraton Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd is semi trailer factory. Our semi trailer can be fully inspected before leaving the factory to ensure the quality.