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Notes on Unloading of Shipping container Semi Trailer

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Notes on Unloading of Shipping container Semi Trailer

Shipping container semi trailer is mainly composed of special purpose vehicle chassis, bulk cement truck tank, gas pipeline system, automatic unloading device and so on. It can be said that it is widely used in our life. Next, we will introduce the unloading precautions of shipping container semi trailer.

1. The unloading steps of shipping container semi-trailer are as follows: when the mother end and the child end of the tank car are connected, the air compressor starts to blow compressed air into the tank. According to the regulations, the ash discharge will start when the pressure gauge shows 0.2Kpa, which will take a long time. During normal ash discharge, the pressure gauge needle always shakes around a fixed value. At this time, the work is normal. When there is not much cement in the bulk cement truck tank, relative tank space has increased, and the pointer reading begins to drop.Then continue blowing soot.When the pointer suddenly drops to the lowest point, a large mass of air ash mixed air is rapidly ejected from the air outlet of the bulk cement flow tank, indicating the end of the ash loading process of the flow tank.

2. After this process, if the China semi trailer driver wants to check residual materials in the tank of the container semi-trailer, the first choice is to turn on the unloading switch to exhaust the residual gas in the tank, so as to avoid personal injury when the tank cover is opened.

3.Receiving bulk cement process and precautions: the user must master the discharging process of bulk cement, otherwise, whether the ash in the shipping container semi-trailer is completely discharged will affect the benefit of the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to master the changes and various characteristics of the pressure gauge in the tank during the unloading process.

4. The bulk truck can leave after the compressor is closed and the joint is removed. The cement in the shipping container semi-trailer is completely discharged into the tank, and the ash inlet can be opened to check the degree of ash discharge of the cement tank.

The unloading process of container semi-trailer seems very simple, but it also needs the driver’s careful and safe operation to ensure the smooth unloading process.