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What Do Our Owners Need to Prepare for Each Annual Review of Semi-trailer Vehicles?

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What Do Our Owners Need to Prepare for Each Annual Review of Semi-trailer Vehicles?

Every time the annual review, many semi-trailer owners queued for a long time because they did not make relevant preparations in advance. In the end, due to some problems, they could not pass the annual review at one time. In order to avoid this problem, what preparations should semitrailer owners do before the annual inspection to make the vehicle easier to pass the inspection?

1. Check whether the semi-trailer vehicle is illegal

Many car owners will prepare the required materials before the vehicle inspection. At this time, their energy is concentrated on the vehicle identity information, and the unhandled illegal problems are often ignored.

According to the regulations, if the violations are not cleared in time, although they can pass the inspection of appearance and exhaust gas, the final "inspection" word mark can only be obtained after the violation is dealt with.

2. Check whether the semi-trailer insurance is valid

The original insurance must be carried during the annual review. I believe everyone is familiar with this. However, for some car owners, the time of the annual review and the expiration of the insurance are the same time. Years of insurance, the old insurance may not have expired when the car is inspected, and the new insurance has not yet taken effect. At this time, you must bring the original policy that is still within the validity period, that is, the old policy, to inspect the car, otherwise the ineffective insurance will not be used. annual review.

3. Does the semi-trailer carry a triangle and other tools with the vehicle?

The warning triangle is a passive reflective body made of plastic reflective materials. When the driver encounters a sudden failure on the road and stops for maintenance or an accident occurs, the use of the reflective performance of the warning triangle can remind other vehicles to pay attention to avoidance. to avoid secondary accidents.

Fire extinguishers and triangles are on-board tools and need to be brought.

Note on improving the annual inspection pass rate of semi trailer vehicles:

① Whether the exhaust gas detection of gasoline vehicles is qualified depends on whether two key components are working normally, which are the oxygen sensor and the three-way catalytic converter. The optimal working temperature of the oxygen sensor and three-way catalytic converter is 400 to 800 degrees Celsius, so it is recommended that car owners When the exhaust gas online inspection is performed, the vehicle is started in advance in the external inspection area to warm up.

② Regularly and thoroughly clean the intake manifold, intake and exhaust valves, combustion chamber, oxygen sensor, three-way catalytic converter, and remove "carbon deposits and sludge dirt" from beginning to end.

③ Regularly replace the fuel filter. Every 10,000-15,000 kilometers or every three months, the fuel filter should be changed regularly. In addition, diesel vehicles should also maintain the fuel oil-water separator.

④ Change the oil regularly. Semi-trailer oil mainly plays the role of lubricating, cleaning, cooling, rust and corrosion prevention in the engine. Therefore, every 5000-8000 km or every 6 months, consider changing the oil.

⑤ Regularly clean the fuel injectors and spark plugs. Every 15,000 kilometers, the fuel injectors and spark plugs should be cleaned, and the platinum spark plugs can be extended appropriately, depending on the combustion conditions.

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