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Characteristics of Semi Truck Dump Trailers and Test and Maintenance of Their Lights

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Characteristics of Semi Truck Dump Trailers and Test and Maintenance of Their Lights

1. Safety and adaptability of the semi truck dump trailer

(1) The safety of semi truck dump trailer

Specifically, it has a considerable relationship with the increasing attention to national security issues. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, the safety of the semi trailer will become a priority for off-highway dump trailer users. At the same time, it is also a factor that must be considered in the design and manufacture of production enterprises.

(2) Adaptability of the semi truck dump trailer

This is reflected in the fact that off-highway dump trailers are widely used in mining, water conservancy and hydropower projects, and the conditions of various mines, large water conservancy and hydropower projects are very different, and there are obvious differences in load and materials.

Therefore, in order to give full play to the advantages, the overall design of off-highway semi truck dump trailers and off-highway semi truck dump trailers must consider the actual use of the vehicle, and different designs should meet specific conditions.

2. Test and maintenance of the lights of semi truck dump trailers

To test the light of a semi truck dump trailer, you should choose night time, and then stop the trailer in front of the wall. Keep the front wall vertical and keep a distance of 8 meters. The first light is turned on and covered with a thick cloth, then adjust the headlights on one side.

Remember, the car load cannot be too heavy or too light, so that the balance can be adjusted. It is recommended to find a friend to sit in the trailer. This will not only keep a proper distance, but also can give you help.

The car lights are turned on, the lights are projected on the wall, and use the chalk for recording. The lights should be equidistant from the center axis of the semi truck dump trailer. If deflection occurs outward or inward, it must be adjusted according to the recommendations in the manual of the semi truck dump trailer.

As for the beam height, the right light should be completely horizontal and direct, while the left light should be increased by 8 cm. Be careful not to adjust it too high, which may damage the driver's eyes.

3. How can a semi truck dump trailer reduce fuel consumption when driving on a plateau?

When semi truck dump trailers are driving on plateau tunnels, because the oxygen content of the tunnel is only about 70% of the plain area, there is insufficient oxygen in the diesel cylinders, fuel combustion is incomplete, and gasoline consumption will increase, causing serious smoke emissions.

In order to solve the above problems, the diesel engine, high-pressure fuel pump and governor will be relocated as a whole through analysis and decision, and the oil supply will be adjusted to 1/10 of the normal value lower than the plain area.

Adjust the throttle pull rod for fuel supply. At any position, the high-pressure fuel supply is correspondingly reduced, so that the cylinder is atomized and the fuel is fully burned, thereby reducing smoke and dust emissions and reducing fuel consumption. Therefore, the semi truck dump trailer driving on the plateau can definitely reduce the fuel supply by following the above steps.