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What is the Inspection Work in the Use of Semi-trailer

Semi Trailer

What is the Inspection Work in the Use of Semi-trailer

In the whole process of semi trailer application, maintenance work must be done, and inspection work is of vital importance. Semi trailer manufacturers have summarized the four points inspection work of semi trailers. Hope everyone can pay more attention when use the machine.

1. Inspection of engine coolant level of semi trailer

When the engine is in warming up process, it is not necessary to open the radiator cover. Otherwise it will be burned by the splashing coolant or high temperature steam.

2. Inspection of brake fluid level of semi trailer

If the brake fluid is in the middle of the high and low levels, everything is normal. If the fluid level is close to the lower limit or less than the lower limit, it indicates that the brake system shoe is too damaged and should be repaired immediately.

3. Inspection of semi trailer battery

Semi trailer manufacturers tell you that you should check whether the battery is fixed and whether the electrolyte is between the upper limit and the lower limit.

4. Inspection of semi trailer tires

Check the tire pressure at room temperature. If it is lower than the normal standard, fill the tire pressure immediately.

In response to the above-mentioned work problems that usually need to be inspected, if you have any questions about semi trailers, please feel free to contact us. Our manufacturer has a complete range of semi trailers and affordable prices. Welcome to foshan Ultraton Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd, we will provide you with the best quality and service.