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Develop Green Logistics

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Develop Green Logistics

Speeding up the deep integration of the express delivery industry and manufacturing industry, emphasizing the development of new logistics technologies and organizational models such as driverless, drop and hang transportation.

On April 2, 2020, the State Post Office and the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued the opinions on promoting the deep integration development of express industry and manufacturing industry (GYF [2020] No. 14), which put forward requirements, key tasks and policy measures for the problems such as the scale benefit of the service manufacturing industry of express industry is not obvious, the integration development is not in-depth, the serviceability is not suitable and the supporting policies are not in place Shi. It puts forward the key tasks of building intelligent logistics and developing green logistics.

Accelerate the in-depth integration of 5g, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of things with the manufacturing supply chain, and improve the level of informatization, automation and intelligence of infrastructure, equipment and operating systems.

Support the manufacturing enterprises to research and develop technical equipment such as intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, intelligent logistics robot, automatic sorting equipment, automatic packaging equipment, driverless vehicle and cold chain express, and accelerate the intelligent manufacturing logistics technical equipment.

Encourage the cooperation between communication enterprises, electronic information manufacturing enterprises and express delivery enterprises, accelerate the promotion and application of 5g technology in the express delivery industry, enrich 5g logistics application scenarios, and promote the information interconnection in all aspects of logistics.

Support express enterprises to accelerate the promotion and application of intelligent information systems such as IoT sensor traceability, big data analysis, artificial intelligence image recognition, and promote the visualization, transparency and traceability of the whole logistics chain.

Develop green logistics

Support manufacturing enterprises and express delivery enterprises to gradually eliminate packaging materials with heavy metals and specific substances exceeding the standard, and to produce and use mail express packaging products with green certification.

Encourage manufacturing enterprises to strengthen the research and development of low-cost, pollution-free, degradable and recyclable environmental protection packaging materials, and form a batch of green packaging material industrial parks.

Guide express enterprises to implement green procurement and use packaging or recycled packaging that meets environmental protection standards.

The express enterprises are encouraged to design and apply the containers of parts and components and the packaging of finished products jointly, optimize the packaging structure and save packaging materials.

Support express delivery enterprises and manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the promotion and application of standardized pallets, and actively participate in the construction of green packaging standard system and social packaging recycling system.

We will encourage express companies to speed up the promotion of advanced transport organization models such as drop and drop transport and multimodal transport, eliminate and update old vehicles, and increase the use of new energy vehicles.