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Driving Skills of Semi Trailer with Heavy Load

Semi Trailer

Driving Skills of Semi Trailer with Heavy Load

Heavy-load driving of a semi trailer refers to the actual driving of the vehicle after it is loaded. Driving a heavy-duty truck is not an easy task. It not only requires strong physical strength, but also requires high truck driving skills.

Since the weight of the vehicle is greatly increased after the semi-trailer is loaded, the technical performance of each part of the vehicle has changed compared with the empty vehicle. If you are a little careless when driving a heavy-duty truck, it will cause a major traffic accident, hurting people and hurting yourself. Therefore, heavy vehicle driving must take corresponding operating methods.

1. How to start a semi trailer

Before leaving the semi trailer, do a routine inspection to check the safety and firmness of the vehicle loading. When starting in first gear, you should step on the accelerator more than the empty car, so that the vehicle starts smoothly, then accelerate forward, and appropriately prolong the acceleration time, and gradually increase the speed. Shifting action strives for agility and smooth engagement.

2. Semi trailer downhill skills

Due to the effect of gravity, the semi trailer has a large downhill assist. According to the length and size of the ramp, change to a lower gear in advance, use the engine traction effect and the brakes to cooperate with each other, control the speed well, and maintain a proper speed for downhill. The time of using the brake should not be too long to prevent the brake from overheating and causing failure.

3. Matters needing attention when driving and parking semi-trailers

When driving a semi-trailer on general roads, the turning radius should be appropriately increased when turning. When meeting cars, yielding cars and avoiding obstacles, appropriate measures should be taken in advance, and the steering wheel should not be violently approached.

Because the driving inertia is larger than that of an empty vehicle, when the semi trailer brakes or stops, it is necessary to use the brakes in advance to ensure the braking effect, and pay attention to avoid emergency braking. You should choose a safe place to park, pay attention to the firmness of the roadside, and should not be too lean. After parking and turning off the engine, pay attention to engage the low gear, first gear uphill, reverse gear downhill, and apply the handbrake. After stopping on a steeper slope, a triangular wood or a larger stone should also be placed under the wheel to prevent the vehicle from sliding.

4. Pay attention to the driving of the semi trailor to avoid rollover

Accidents of semi-trailer trucks overturning sideways have been heard from time to time. During the driving of heavy vehicles, you should carefully observe various conditions on the road, be prepared to deal with various situations in advance, and maintain a longitudinal distance larger than that of empty vehicles. In particular, the semi trailer should be more careful when the load is high, and the tread wear will be faster. The tire load has a significant impact on the service life. The cargo loaded on the truck should be evenly distributed, and overload caused by uneven distribution should be avoided as much as possible.