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Reasons and Solutions for Tire Wear in the First Row of Semi-trailer

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Reasons and Solutions for Tire Wear in the First Row of Semi-trailer

Drivers know that tires are the most likely to fail in driving, and frequent tire replacement is also one of the economic expenses of drivers. Let's take the example of the industry forum to analyze the reasons for the wear of semi-trailer tires. Let's take a look at the real reasons and solutions for the tires in the first row of semi-trailers. Let's take a look in detail below:

Ⅰ. Why does the first row of semi-trailers wear tires?

Someone posted a question on the forum: "How do I wear the tires in the front row of my semi-trailer? The front row is almost worn out. The car is only 9 months old. Two rows do not grind". For flatbed trailers, it is not uncommon for the front row to wear tires. Someone gave the answer to the question.

The height difference between the main car and the trailer, especially if the saddle of the main car is high, the axle load relative to the first axle of the semi-trailer is low. At this time, when the service brake is used frequently, especially without ABS, it is easy to cause the first axle of the trailer to wear quickly.

Ⅱ. The semi-trailer is tested to verify the problem

Why does this happen? We can get the answer from the comparison test of the previous 3 semi trailer ABS arrangements.

Test description: Four sensors are arranged on different axles for 3 tests, namely 1 axle, 2 axle; 2 axle, 3 axle; 1 axle, 3 axle. The ABS actuator controls the air supply of the three rows of brake air chambers on both sides respectively through the braking situation of each axle detected by the sensor. All tests are carried out with empty vehicle.

Test results: The sensors are arranged on the 1st and 2nd axles, which will lose a part of the braking effect, but the wheels will not be completely locked; if they are arranged on the 2nd and 3rd axles, the tires on the first axle of the two tests are without exception. dead situation; and the best effect is to arrange the sensors on the 1st and 3rd axles.

It can be seen from the results that in the case of ABS installed, if the saddle of the main vehicle is high and the sensor position is improperly arranged when the vehicle is empty, the 1st axle is easily worn out. If the trailer does not have ABS, it is conceivable that the semi-trailer is braking when Tire wear will be greater.

Ⅲ. Adjust the saddle height of the semi-trailer and install ABS

1. Adjust the height of the saddle of the main car so that the load on the first axle is not too small, and try not to brake suddenly when the car is empty.

2. In order to install ABS safely, and install and use ABS correctly, the braking force will be continuously adjusted when the first axle is locked to reduce the friction of the tires.

Semi-trailer tires are consumables, and the wear and tear is small, but it is another matter if the first row is badly worn and the two rows are fine, which not only brings a burden to the economy, but also seriously affects the driving safety. Solve the problem to travel safely.

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