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Tips for Backing a Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer

Tips for Backing a Semi Trailer

Parking is one of the most difficult skills to learn for those who are new to drive semi trailers. Usually, the semi trailer and the tractor travel are in opposite directions when reversing, and the trailer is very long, making it difficult to estimate the distance and angle. We have summarized some reversing skills of semi trailers to the drivers.

When the semi trailer is reversed, it is in the opposite direction, and novice drivers need to get used to it for a while. When reversing, you should grasp the position and direction of the vehicle and check the rearview mirror. If the trailer is long, or the terrain is complex and the field of vision is limited, it is better to have a person in charge of the command beside the car, which will make it easier to operate.

Ⅰ. The reversing skills of the semi trailer

Before reversing, adjust the front of the car and the body, try to keep the front and trailer straight, or tilt the front of the car to the side of the target parking space, and then operate according to the methods: turn the steering wheel clockwise when reversing to the left, and turn the steering wheel counterclockwise when reversing to the right. Be careful not to steer the wheel to the bottom, correct the semi trailer while reversing. If you can't turn around, it's best to get off the front of the car and back up again.

When the parking space is on the right, the steering wheel should be turned to the left when reversing, and the distance between the right rear wheel and the road crossing should be clearly seen. When you see the right rear wheel of the trailer entering the parking space, you need to turn the direction faster at this time, get the body back as soon as possible, and pay attention to the left wheel of the trailer. When the rear body is about to be straightened, quickly return the wheel, so that the body and the front of the car can be turned straight. If it is still not straight, adjust it again.

Ⅱ. Concentrate on parking the semi trailer

Knowing the basic method, it comes to the practice. Here are some precautions.

1. Whether going forward or reversing, be sure to see the surrounding situation clearly. In the case of limited vision, you can ask for help. But try to keep the commander within the field of vision and keep the distance between people and vehicles.

2. Maintain a good attitude. No matter what the situation you are in, stay calm. If the trailer can't be overturned, try several times. Drivers behind you will understand.

3. When reversing the semi trailer, you must observe carefully and slow down. Even if the driver is skilled, don't take it lightly. Because there are many accidents caused by reversing every year, don't let your carelessness hurt yourself and others.

Driving a semi trailer is a laborious and professional industry, and reversing backwards requires technical skills. If you want to learn to reverse the car well, it is far from enough to know the principles and methods. You also need to practice diligently and ask the master of semi trailers for advice. The more you practice, the more tips and experiences you will learn.