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Braking Pinciple of Shipping Container Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer

Braking Pinciple of Shipping Container Semi Trailer

Speaking of shipping container semi-trailer, I believe you have a good understanding of its performance and application range. Today, I will introduce the braking principle of shipping container semi-trailer.


In general, the braking form of container semi trailer is double pipe pneumatic braking. The braking principle is that after the driver presses the brake pedal, the compressed air enters the trailer control pipeline through the trailer brake valve on the tractor, and then enters the brake chamber through the emergency brake valve. The compressed air pushes the diaphragm of the single chamber air chamber and the brake piston of the double chamber to the brake position, push out by the push rod, pull the brake adjusting arm, drive the camshaft to rotate, so as to realize the braking of container semi-trailer.


The above is the braking principle of container semi-trailer. Foshan Ultraton Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.,one of the container trailer manufacturers, has been engaged in the production and processing of container semi-trailer for many years, and has its own container semi-trailer manufacturer. It can provide high-quality service for customers, better guarantee the quality of container semi-trailer, and provide more thoughtful service for customers.


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