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How to Prevent a Tire Blowout on a Semi-trailer? What Should Be Paid Attention To?

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How to Prevent a Tire Blowout on a Semi-trailer? What Should Be Paid Attention To?

Whenever summer comes, our chauffeurs usually encounter a tire blowout. We often ignore the impact of climate change on tires and maintenance issues, especially in the summer season when tires are most likely to blow out. Hot weather can easily deform tires and reduce tensile strength. As for the tire itself, non-standard air pressure, aging tires, weakened performance, or the tires rolling against hard metal or other hard objects during driving will cause the car to suddenly burst or even catch fire, so we must do preventive work, try to avoid the occurrence of semi-trailer tire puncture.

1. Before the semi-trailer leaves the car, the tire pressure should be appropriately reduced, and the temperature and pressure of the tire should be checked in time. If it is found that the tire temperature and tire pressure are too high, it is not allowed to deflate and splash cold water. Park in a shady place and let the semi-trailer tires cool down naturally.

2. In addition to the braking system of the semi trailer, we should also clean up the small stones in the tire grooves at any time, so as to prevent the hard stones from puncturing the semi-trailer tire and causing the tire to blow out.

3. A fire extinguisher must be prepared in the semi-trailer, because only a fire extinguisher can achieve the best effect when putting out a fire, because we are out for a long time to run freight, and the car has a lot of goods loaded, of course, for our own safety, we must also ensure the goods. Profits can only be increased when it is safe.

4. Regular maintenance and replacement of semi-trailer tires. Regular maintenance of the semi-trailer can effectively prolong the service life of the semi-trailer and play a necessary role in safe driving. Maintaining the semi-trailer as required is not only responsible for the semi-trailer, but also for the safety of your own people.

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