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Mastering the Cleaning and Maintenance of Semi-truck Dump Trailers Can Improve Efficiency!

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Mastering the Cleaning and Maintenance of Semi-truck Dump Trailers Can Improve Efficiency!

Due to the working environment, the semi-trailer dump truck needs to be cleaned frequently. It is very important for the driver to have a complete set of cleaning methods and steps. On the one hand, a good method greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning, and on the other hand, the cleaning time is greatly shortened. Through the following article, we have a detailed understanding of the semi-truck dump trailer.

1. Use a sponge or soft cloth to clean the bumper of a semi-truck dump trailer. Usually, wax and brushes rich in abrasive are used to clean the body, which will damage the appearance of the body. If the body of the semi-trailer dump truck is contaminated with brake oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, electrolyte, etc., it should be scrubbed with alcohol.

2. Use leather, cloth, carpet, vacuum cleaner and plastic products to clean the body of the semi-trailer dump truck. Dip the rag with a synthetic detergent solution for car washing, and slowly scrub the body of the semi-truck dump trailer. Use water dipped in water. Wipe the car carefully, avoid direct sunlight, and dry the car in a ventilated place.

3. Use neutral detergent to clean the semi-hanging dump wheel hub. After cleaning, scrub quickly and clean. Pay attention not to use iron brushes and other hard objects to clean, do not use high-pressure steam cleaner to clean, and do not use acid for cleaning.

Ⅱ. How to use lubricating oil to maintain semi-trailer dump truck?

The maintenance of heavy duty semi trailer dump trucks is very important. "Three points of repair and seven points of maintenance" has always been the rule that the industry must do. The use of lubricating oil in semi-trailer dump trucks can not only save fuel, but also reduce friction, ensure smooth engine operation and prolong the service life of semi-trailers.

1. Lubricating oils of different brands generally cannot be mixed with each other, because the chemical composition of additives used by different manufacturers is different. If they are mixed with each other, chemical precipitation may occur between the additives. If you change the brand, then you need to clean up the residual lubricating oil of the semi-truck dump trailer engine, and then replace it with new lubricating oil.

2. After a period of use of lubricating oil, the performance of the semi-truck dump trailer will be reduced or completely invalid, and it cannot continue to protect the engine. Especially in the high temperature in summer, it is easy to thin the lubricating oil, resulting in the deterioration of the anti-oxidation performance of the lubricating oil, which is not conducive to protecting the engine, and may cause failures such as burning of tiles and shafts.

We will introduce the knowledge of semi-trailer dump trucks here today, I hope it will help everyone. For the detailed knowledge of semi-truck dump trailers, you can continue to pay attention to the official website to learn more. Welcome to consult.