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Application Field of Low Bed Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer

Application Field of Low Bed Semi Trailer

Low bed trailers are used to transport heavy loads in different industries. This is the most common use of heavy trailers.


Heavy vehicles: vehicle manufacturers transport heavy vehicles from one showroom to another by low chassis trailers. Transport vehicles are used to move vehicles from the port to the showroom, and sometimes to the places the customers require.

Some heavy vehicles transported by low bed semi trailers include buses, tractors and special vehicles. The low semi trailer can transport piles of small vehicles at the same time.


Rail vehicles: there are different categories of rail vehicles, including road rail vehicles, trucks, locomotives and rail vehicles. The common feature of these vehicles is that they are heavy. Low bed trailer is one of the best ways to transport railway vehicles.


Mining machinery: mining requires heavy machinery to drill and transport materials, including crude oil and minerals. The machinery is assembled off-site and then transported to the mining site by a low chassis trailer. Heavy trucks are preferred due to the structure of mining machinery. Mining equipment is probably the heaviest cargo transported by machinery manufacturers on the road.


Forestry machinery: heavy machinery is also used in forestry. Heavy equipment is needed to cut and transport logs. Sometimes, logs are processed into wood and other by-products on site before shipment.

The machinery is made in the assembly shop and can also be imported before it is transported to the forest. Low bed trailers are used to move components of forestry machinery into the forest. The wheels of the trailer can make it travel over the rough terrain of the forest.


Agricultural machinery: heavy machinery is also used in agriculture. The machine is mainly used in large-scale agriculture. Main agricultural machinery transported by low chassis trailer includes loaders, excavators, bulldozers, cranes and pavers. Heavy trailers can travel in muddy farms and move machinery from one farm to another.


Construction: low chassis trailers are also used in the construction industry. Heavy vehicles are usually used in the construction of roads and bridges.