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Cautions for Maintenance of Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer

Cautions for Maintenance of Semi Trailer

The following points should also be paid attention to in the maintenance of trailers during the season change:

I. Lubrication

The traction pin of semi trailer is the key component of the connecting force of semi-trailer train. It is subjected to multi-dimensional space moment, alternating load and dynamic impact force in the process of vehicle operation. The force system is complex and the requirement for use is high. After the trailer is newly connected, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are any collision damage, burrs, welding slag, welding nodules and other foreign bodies on the surface of the traction plate of the trailer. If it exists, it should be removed and repaired in time. Otherwise, abnormal wear and tear of saddle and traction plate will occur later. In order to drive safely and prolong the service life of semi-trailer, it is necessary to lubricate the legs and traction plates, traction pins and wheel bearings regularly to reduce friction, thereby reducing fuel consumption, as well as oil viscosity. In winter, oil with low viscosity should be used.

When replenishing grease, attention should be paid to the following matters: the filling appliances and cups should be cleaned first; when the oil cups can not be injected with grease, the reasons should be checked, and if there is damage, they should be replaced.

II. Monthly Inspection

1. Check whether the leaf spring is broken.

2. Check whether the brakes are normal and replace the worn parts in time.

3. Check the brake drum for cracks or abnormal wear;

4. Check all fasteners, focusing on fasteners for legs, tires, axles, etc. (In any case, nuts, screws and other fasteners should be tightened to the recommended torque parameters);

5. Check whether all brake system joints, hoses are damaged, and hose clamps are missing.

III. Annual Maintenance

After six months of use, a comprehensive inspection is conducted every 12 months to ensure the performance of the vehicle. Besides monthly inspection, the following points should be noted:

1. Remove the brake drum and thoroughly check the brake shoes for no additional or improper wear.

2. Check whether the brake shoe return spring, brake bushing, camshaft sleeve and brake shoe drum are damaged or not.

3. Check the bearing, axle connecting parts and vehicle structure thoroughly.

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